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Redundancy and Loss

  • This video will help you through many situations including the loss of a job, the loss of a loved one and children leaving home
  • It will help to heal your loss and give you the confidence to make a new start

"I would normally launch into an angry & aggressive tirade (no matter the consequences) against the person I was confronting. How I have not been shot / stabbed / strangled in a number of situations in which I have found myself in life, I can only put down to Grace – & the fact that I am 6` 2″ tall and weigh 100+ kg. But this time I noticed that I was not in the least ‘aggro’. I was certain of my position I gave myself the time and liberty to calmly express my point of view and, after a few minutes and a couple of rejoinders from him, he agreed that I was right. It`s too early to tell but I think something may be opening up somewhere inside me, that a fear may have shifted." Mr A. H – Telecommunications – Australia

Fear of Rejection

  • Do you hang back just in case you’re rejected? Does this stop you being with who you want or asking for what you need?
  • This video will remove this very limiting state and make you realise that you are wanted.
  • When YOU feel you are wanted – then others really do start to want you!

I’m Not Good Enough

  • So many of us fear that we are not good enough for no real reason, and so we limit what we do and how we present ourselves
  • This video will remove the negativity which makes us feel this way.
  • When you no longer have this belief – your real capabilities and confidence are allowed to shine

Success and Failure

  • Remove many of the underlying beliefs and fears of what success and failure will bring to you
  • When these undercurrents have been removed – you’ll notice that your efforts start to get results


  • Are you really a leader but hiding yourself away?
  • This video will enable you to strike a balance between using power well and becoming someone you don’t want to be.
  • People have found a sense of freedom after this video, their careers have blossomed and people have discovered that they have a voice.


  • Do you feel that your best efforts don’t get rewarded as they should?
  • You may be surprised to know that you are keeping yourself around survival level because wealthy people are meant to be bad
  • This video will has helped one of my clients double her income in one year

Self Healing for Women

  • Ladies – this video is for you.
  • Do you feel that men have the advantage, and that you have to work much harder to achieve or to earn the same?
  • This video will release each woman from centuries of conditioning and being held back and all the anxieties that go with it.

Weight Loss Video

  • Remove the excuses we use to delay losing weight
  • The video is not a diet – but will make it a lot easier to moderate what you eat